James lab team members

Richard James

Principal Investigator

Nathan Camp

Senior Scientist

Rene Cheng

Iana Meitlis

Research Technician

Karlee Orvik

Undergraduate Student

Tyler Hill

Emma Suchland

Research Technician

Tingting Zhang 

Senior Scientist

Former lab members

Post-doctoral fellows

1. Veronika Glukhova - post-doc from 2014-2016. Now a Research Contractor at Intellectual Ventures, Bellevue, Washington.

Research Technicians

1. Meghan Garrett - now is a graduate student in the Overbaugh lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in the Molecular & Cellular Biology graduate program.

2. Katie Bosch - now is a software engineer at Moz.

Undergraduate students

1. Shy-ya Serena Hu - now is a clinical research technician at Seattle Children's.


2. Jim Hibbard - now is a research technician in the Torgerson lab at Seattle Children's Research Institute. 

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